The Men of the Seas

Born out in the salty waters of the ocean, the second they left their mother’s womb, they learned to swim. They were rocked and cradled to sleep by the waves that move their houseboats, and they awake at the early rays of the sun, kissing their skin, making it shine like polished bronze.

The sea is their playground, the fishes and turtles are their playmates, and they have paddles for toys. Whatever they catch, they eat. If the day is good, and the catch is plenty, they would sell it to the people in the shore.

Whenever they can, they come near big passenger boats to showcase their superb diving and swimming skills. Throw a coin out in the water and they’ll dive deep and would never come out without that same coin in between their lips.

They are the Badjaos- the men of the seas.

(All photos were taken and edited using iPhone 7 Plus)


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