Call to Action: Help Marawi!

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Ten days have passed since the Maute Terrorist Group attacked Marawi City- an Islamic City in Lanao del Sur, Philippines. Ten days, and the number of displaced individuals have gone up to 221,275 individuals composed of men, women, children and elderly. More than 200 thousand shattered lives and broken dreams.

With the military operation happening in the area right now- both ground and air strikes- most houses, commercial buildings, schools, health facilities and other sources of livelihood are destroyed, and some others even burnt to ashes. While we recognize the necessity of this kind of offensive against lawless elements, we are also concerned of the plight of our Muslim brothers and sisters who have fled their beloved homeland, camping in evacuation sites in nearby towns.

The government- from the national, regional and the provincial level- has been working on the ground to address the situation. In the part of the ARMM Regional Government, through its Humanitarian Emergency Action Response Team (HEART) and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), it has provided assistance to the displaced families by giving food and non-food items. A hotline for missing and trapped persons have been set up to document people who are stranded in the “war zone”. Rescue missions have been done as well. Volunteers have converged. People from all over the Philippines sent their donations.  Filipinos of different religions have offered their prayers. The spirit of “bayanihan” or “working together to achieve a common goal” is apparent more than ever.

However, we do not see this atrocity ending very soon. And even if the war of the military against the terrorists will wrap up, getting Marawi back on its feet will take long. It is in this premise that help is much needed. The government can only do so much, but successfully beating this tragedy will require everyone from all over the world to come together.

Help us save Marawi. Donate now!

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