Lord, thank you for today and for the days that you have given me so far. They were not all perfect or happy, but they sure have become moments of learning. Thank you for teaching me the reality that life is not always easy, and not always favorable to the things that I have planned for myself. Thank you for all the opportunities, the challenges, the people- good or bad, nice or mean, they molded me to become who I am today.

Especially today Lord, thank you for teaching me patience. I have always been the easy-to-exasperate guy. I have always been one who cannot wait, and one who easily gets annoyed by situations that get out of hand. But today Lord, I know you helped me breathe deep, relax and stay calm. Despite the hunger, the aching head and feet, the unhelpful attendants, the rowdy crowd, the lack of sleep, and the obnoxious circumstances, you held me and you allowed kindness and composure to stay on top of me.

Lord, let me be that way all the time. I could only do as much as try, but without you, I will fail again. Remind me Lord, that in times when things go awry, keeping a hot head will never resolve any issues, rather it might just aggravate the situation. Impress upon me Lord, that patience is a virtue. That even when we can get what we want when we raise our voices, or coerce and intimidate other people, it comes with the price of burning a bridge, or putting relationships in tension. Allow me to remember, that there are situations people cannot control, I cannot control, but you always have a control. That everything that happens, are your ways to teach us values we can never learn in any classroom or workstations.

Thank you Lord- for this, and all the amazing things you have done for me and for this world. Words can never satisfy the gratefulness in my heart right now. And so I remain yours, in acknowledgement that I am nothing apart from you.

May this glorify you.

This I pray.



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